Accounting Tool: how to add invoices and credit notes

In case you have adhered to Amazon’s billing service ZonWizard will automatically capture the invoices and credit notes issued, if not, you will have to manually insert the invoices (or credit notes) into the software upon issuance.

There are 2 methods for doing this:

  • Inserting a single invoice 
  • Insertion using excel file

1 Inserting a single invoice

When you issue an invoice go to this menu Accounting > Invoices > Add Invoices

Insert the Amazon order number related to the invoice and save.
This action will exclude the amount of the order from the daily takings. Using the “+” button on the right will allow you to insert multiple invoices with just one click!

2. Insertion using excel file

If you need to insert many invoices, you can do so with a single operation by using an excel file.

Simply insert the numbers of the orders you have issued an invoice for in column A of an excel spreadsheet.

Uploading this file will result in all the orders being considered as invoiced and they will automatically be excluded from the daily takings.

3 Inserting credit notes

When you issue a credit note go the menu  Accounting > Invoices > Add credit notes
Follow the same steps as for inserting an invoice.

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