Automated review requests

ZonWizard’s profit tool allows you to schedule and send review requests to your customers, individually for each order or systematically. Let’s look at the different features in detail together.

Review request status for each order

In the Profit > Orders section you can see at a glance what the status of the request is in the “Review” column.


Each icon represents a possible status:

  • Review request sent
  • Scheduled review request: the request will be sent after X days after the order is delivered. X is a user-defined number in the settings
  • Scheduled review request pending: in order to send the request, you have to wait until the software has detected the delivery date and customer information
  • Blocked review request: the request can be blocked if there is a return or if the customer has been blacklisted
  • Not scheduled review request: the review for this order will not be sent automatically by the system

Manual Operations

Clicking on the status icon will bring up a drop-down menu to perform a number of manual operations:

  • Send Review Now: sends the review request now regardless of the schedule. This operation is only possible if at least 5 days have passed since delivery, if there is no return, and if the customer is not blacklisted
  • Schedule: activate the schedule. The review request will be sent according to the user’s settings
  • Remove schedule: turn off the schedule. The review request will not be sent automatically
  • Block review request: set a block that prevents the review request from being sent for this order only
  • Blacklist customer: blocks review submission for this order and all orders placed by this customer
  • Remove customer from blacklist: removes review request blocking for all orders placed by this customer

Settings for automatic submission

Under Profit > Profit Settings you can enable automatic sending of review requests. This means that the review request will be sent automatically for all orders except those that have had a return and those of customers who have been blacklisted.

In addition, it is possible to indicate the number of days after delivery to schedule the request. Amazon mandates that the request cannot be sent before 5 days or after 30 days after delivery and does not provide the exact delivery date and time. We therefore recommend staying within a range of 7 to 28 days.

As a final setting, it is possible to indicate the time at which to send the review request. If this is not specified the request will be sent at the same time at which the customer placed the order, assuming that at this time the customer who had time to place the order may be free to also write a review.

Alternatively, by indicating a specific time, the request will be sent for all orders at the same time, taking into account the customer’s time zone.

Email template

Automated review requests use the uffilcial email template approved by Amazon and compliant with their policies.

Activate the service and start increasing your reviews right away with ZonWizard!

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