Intra-community sales and activation of the One Stop Shop

As of the 1st of July 2021, the massive reform of the EU VAT rules has entered into force in Europe and has introduced important changes especially for e-commerce and cross-border sales activities.

In this 10-point article, you will better understand who can take advantage of the “One Stop Shop” scheme to sell across Europe easily, how to join and what are the right declarations to fill out.

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Daily takings book

Ecommerce Daily Takings Book: tax and regulatory aspects

All VAT registered subjects are legally obliged to keep regular accounting. But, the method they use to do it can vary and is influenced by the terms set forth in the pertinent legislation. It depends on the juridical nature of the company, on its turnover and accounting scheme, among other things. In this article we will deal with the Ecommerce daily takings book: tax and regulatory aspects.

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VAT rates and jurisdiction on Amazon international sales – Part 2

Online selling is international by its very nature, and this may sometimes lead to confusion in sellers who aren’t able to clear up their doubts not even turning to their accountants for advice. Let’s say it clearly, sellers and accountants speak different languages.

Since this is a guide for sellers, we will strictly avoid bureaucratic jargon and we will use practical examples.

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Common tax error on Amazon

How to prevent tax management errors selling on Amazon

Of all the aspects of online selling probably one of the least pleasant is tax management. But, in order to avoid making mistakes and ending up with more serious problems to solve, you’ll only need to understand the following 3 tax aspects that we are going to explain in a clear and simple way in this article:

  • The Right Tax Reports to Download in Seller Central
  • International sales and foreign taxation
  • The Tax Side of the Pan-European Program

You will also get a clear understanding of how to fully automate your Amazon tax documents, without going crazy in Seller Central’s maze of reports.

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