Pay Cash with Western Union

Amazon – pay cash with Western Union

Thanks to an agreement with Western Union, Amazon has recently implemented its payment methods with the option to pay cash for purchases made on the marketplace. Thus, it is now possibile for customers who don’t have a bank account or who simply don’t want to furnish their credit card credentials when shopping online, to effect small-amount purchases on Amazon.
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Amazon, how many Italian SME’s are on the marketplace?

According to the latest statistics drawn up in the 2021 Report on the Italian SME’s selling on Amazon, published by the same e-commerce giant, at the end of 2020 there were more than 18,000 companies present on the marketplace, busy selling their products on the commercial platform. 4,000 of these exceeded the €100,000 turnover threshold for the first time, whilst the sales of 2,000 of them actually reached and exceeded the 1million euro mark.

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