Refund claims for lost and damaged FBA inventory

ZonWizard’s Analytics tool constantly monitors your inventory and identifies products for which you are eligible to receive a refund. This occurs in cases where Amazon has lost or damaged your inventory in the fulfillment centers or in cases where a customer’s return never made it back into the warehouse.

In this tutorial we will see how with ZonWizard you can quickly open cases in Seller Central, attaching all the necessary documentation to easily get the refunds you are entitled to.

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Intra-community sales and activation of the One Stop Shop

As of the 1st of July 2021, the massive reform of the EU VAT rules has entered into force in Europe and has introduced important changes especially for e-commerce and cross-border sales activities.

In this 10-point article, you will better understand who can take advantage of the “One Stop Shop” scheme to sell across Europe easily, how to join and what are the right declarations to fill out.

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