Amazon Refunds: how they work and how much they cost the seller

One of the reasons why Amazon is so appreciated by consumers is given by its generous refund policy. After all, it’s no secret that the marketplace is very sensitive to their customers’ needs and expectations, to the point of allowing them to return a product – either for a refund or for a substitution – in an easy way and without having to give any motivation.

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Amazon Intellectual Property Accelerator: Advantages for Seller

Amazon has recently launched its Intellectual Property Accelerator in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and the United Kingdom, as well as it already has in most of the other principal European markets in which it has been long operating. It is an interesting program through which Jeff Bezos’ company stands alongside small and medium-sized businesses with the aim of simplifying the registration of trademarks, protecting them against counterfeit goods and, consequently, by improving the legal defense of intellectual property.

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Daily takings book

Ecommerce Daily Takings Book: tax and regulatory aspects

All VAT registered subjects are legally obliged to keep regular accounting. But, the method they use to do it can vary and is influenced by the terms set forth in the pertinent legislation. It depends on the juridical nature of the company, on its turnover and accounting scheme, among other things. In this article we will deal with the Ecommerce daily takings book: tax and regulatory aspects.

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VAT rates and jurisdiction on Amazon international sales – Part 2

Online selling is international by its very nature, and this may sometimes lead to confusion in sellers who aren’t able to clear up their doubts not even turning to their accountants for advice. Let’s say it clearly, sellers and accountants speak different languages.

Since this is a guide for sellers, we will strictly avoid bureaucratic jargon and we will use practical examples.

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